The Studio for the creation and development of ethical and sustainable activities

Welcome to TheSlowCorner !

This blog was conceived to propose a variety of contents that can stimulate the reader towards a reflective and constructive approach around the issues of professional and entrepreneurial activities.

TheSlowCorner is a spin-off projet of Business Diamonds, a consulting and training business for the creation of respectful and sustainable projects and activities.

The international dimension of Business Diamonds translates through the blog into a range of content available in three languages: Italian, English and French.

The aim of the blog is to be able to take a step back, analyse the economic and social context that surrounds us and generate ideas and projects by developing them on 4 pillars: Inspiration, values, ethics, sustainability.

TheSlowCorner organises and participates in in-person and online events aimed at the popularisation of the topics covered in the blog.

We collaborate with an international team of experts and we provide support, consulting and training services.

Feel free to contact us to share your comments and questions.

Enjoy the reading!


Bearers of value and values, agile actors, promoters of sustainability, creative, efficient.


About thematic, theories and facts of the past, present and future.


Producers of well-being, promoters of balance, ambassadors of beauty in all its forms.