The Studio

The Studio is the productive department of The Slow Corner.

It’s the laboratory in which we conceive the contents proposed on the website as well as during the events.

Our goals:

  • Supporting the evolutionary pathway of your activity
  • Proposing an integrated and multidisciplinary method
  • Employing an approach based on ethics and sustainability
  • Being a virtual location for reflexion and learning
  • Encouraging the openness to confrontation
  • Giving the right importance to the conception stage of ideas and projects
  • Allowing the development of consciousness,knowledge and know-how that are necessary for managing an activity.

              The workshop collaborates with professionals who provide their contribution by means of interviews, articles, their participation to events and offer of services.

              The approach of the Studio is based on 4 actions:


              • our thinking,
              • the discussion,
              • the analysis,
              • the development of solutions;


              • our consciousness,
              • the definition of a project’s identity, needs and pillars;


              • Analyzing the processes and performance of an activity,
              • Managing the relations inside the company,
              • Managing the relations with entities external to the company,
              • Put in action a process of continuous improvement.


              the values and value of the enterprise, bby means of institutional and commercial communication (here included the participation to events and interviews).