The author

My name is Laura and my job consists in supporting professionals and entrepreneurs in the development of their projects, mainly in the fields of ethics and sustainability.

Either during the ccreation or change phase, I deal with situations of complexity inside the projetcs, therefore the ones that it is more difficult to speak about: the ones of difficulty.

My main task is therefore to guide the entrepreneur or the professional in the analysis of situations and context, in the identification of critical issues and in the proposal of appropriate and customized solutions.

We tend to think too much often that an idea is not working or that it won’t work, and this happens in particular when there is a lack of tools for the comprehension and management of the project and of its context.

In order to solve these moments of stalemate and give new life to one’s own activity, it is not enough to delegate by outsourcing the task, but it is necessary that the same creator of the idea and of the enterprise undertake an evolutionary path: this process must be carried out together with the team that composes his activity. .

An activity is made up primarily of people.

And it is through their combined contributions that we achieve the success of the enterprise.

During my international management experience from 2007 to the present, I have been able to refine my knowledge of the creative, social and managerial mechanisms that determine the dynamics of a business.

Thanks to a wide academic and professional training, ranging from Architecture, to Project Management, Marketing and Sustainable Development, I have developed an integrated a multidisciplinary approach that allows me to move nimbly through different contexts, and at the same time maintain the necessary overview while developing proposals and ideas.

The knowledge of 5 languages allows me to get access to contents and contacts in several countries, but also to constantly expand my comprehension of social and economical contexts in multicultural and international environments.

What pushes me towards new professional challanges is always the desire to improve the professional, and therefore personal, lives of my clients.

To support this desire for sharing and the search for a sustainable development I have decided to create The Slow Corner.

Beacuse it is by advancing with conscience and continuity that we can improve the context in which we live.

Because any change is originated inside ourselves and by the contribution that we get to give through our work and our commitment.

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