What is The Slow Corner





A solid and sustainable organisational culture must be based on these 4 pillars. Each one of them needs to be reinterpreted and revised in a profound and unique way in line with the identity of your brand or business.

The Slow Corner proposes an approach based on reflection and co-construction related to the professional and entrepreneurial environment..

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The aim is to ftake a step back and analyse the entire economic and social environment that surrounds us, in order to discover the true essence of your project and its contribution to the goals of sustainable development.

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Concretizing an ethical and sustainable business project is a task that cannot be delegated. On the contrary, it must rise and develop inside the business, with the contribution of all actors to its creative and organisational process.

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In this sense, a follow up is to be considered as necessary in order to:

  • Analize the activity or the project,
  • Understanding its strenghts and weaknesses,
  • Put into practice the needed solutions,
  • Reach your goals.

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Being able to read the context that sorrounds your activity is essential, together with the harmonization of your projects with the current dynamics. All of this is concretized through the use of effective and tailor-made tools.

Producing value while staying in balance with the context inside and outside your activity, will take you to face some obstacles. Taking part to a complete and tailor-made training session will allow you to reach all the subjects and disciplines you may need.

The Slow Corner offers the resources and tools necessary to go through this journey.

If you would like to widen your culture on these subjects…in the page Library you will find our reading suggestions about some interesting ed inspiring books, that helped us in the development of our activity.

The founder

My name is Laura and my job is to support professionals and SMEs in the development of their ethical and sustainable projects.

Either in the phase of birth or in the one of change, my task is to guide you in the analysis of solutions and contexts, in identifying the critical aspects, and lead you to a proposal of adequate, shared and personalized solutions.

In order to understand how to think sustainably, I have developed specific tools for the read and management of the project and its context.

A business is made by people.

Its the sum of their contributions that determines the success of an enterprise.

In order to provide a good solution for critical moments and take back to life a company, the author of the project and creator of the enterprise must undergo a process of evolution together with its team.

During my international management experience from 2007 to today, I improved my knowledge of the creative, social and management mechanisms that are at the base of a business dynamics.

Thanks to a complete academic and professional training, including Architecture, Project Management, Marketing and Sustainable Development, I can provide an integrated and multidiscilpinary approach that allows me to face a variety of different contexts.

These experiences have given me the chance to learn and use 5 different languanges together with an access to contents and contacts in different countries. As a consequence, my comprehension of social and economical contexts in multicultural and international environments was enreached.

This side of my curriculum pushes me to face new challenges every day. My ambition is to improve your professional life, and consequently your personal life. It is following this philosophy of sharing and in a meaning of search for a sustainable development that I decided to create The Slow Corner.

Because it is by acting consciously and with constance that we can get to ameliorate the context in which we live.

Because each change starts from inside ourselves and takes shape thanks to the contribution that we decide to bring by means of our work and our engagement.

Feel free to contact me if you need more information, if you want to submit contents, participate to the online events, propose a collaboration, get in touch with the authors of the articles.

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