TheSlowCorner was created with the aim to offer opportunities for reflection and discussion around the creation and development of respectful and sustainable entrepreneurial activities.

Here is a series of books that have inspired us and that we invite you to discover.

Most of these books are available in digital or audio format, as well as second-hand.

Check the catalogue of your local library or mediatheque to benefit from a cost-free reading without neglecting the sustainability aspect.

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Les 7 clés du marketing durable (FR)

The book is available in French. Written by Elizabeth PASTORE-REISS, a pioneer of sustainable marketing, this work provides the basis for setting up your marketing activities according to the principles of sustainability.

118 pages of in-depth reflection and analysis of the economic and social context, providing insight into the potential and challenges of marketing in the era of sustainable transition.

218 pages – Reading time: 2h

La responsabilité sociale de l’entreprise (FR)

This small book was written in French by Professor Jean-Pascal GOND and Professor Jacques IGALENS and marked the turning point in my professional journey towards sustainability.

Concise, clear, comprehensive and engaging, this book provides you with the essentials of Corporate Social Responsibility, enabling you to lay the foundations for further learning about the specifics of sustainability in business.

128 pages – Reading time: 3h10min

L’ISO 26000 à l’ère du digital (FR)

Vers un co-développement durable à la portée de tous.

This book, published in French under the aegis of AFNOR Editions, helped me a lot to understand the potential for using ISO 26000 in an era like ours which is undergoing constant change.

Corinne COULLET-DEMAZIERE’s explanations, reflections and feedback make people want to immediately take the first steps towards Corporate Social Responsibility, with no limits set in terms of continuous improvement.

The very clear and comprehensive summaries and tables make it a resource to keep in your backpack to ensure the smooth running of your sustainable projects.

348 pages – Reading time: 5h50min

L’entreprise verte (FR)

It is one of Elisabeth Laville’s best-known works on the subject of sustainable enterprise, its third edition was published in 2009. Reading this book helped me reconstruct the history of sustainable transition in the corporate world and made me reflect on how human creativity and determination can provide innovative solutions and change the framework imposed by the market.

Pages: 418 – Reading estimated time: 8 hours 20 minutes

L’éthique d’entreprise (FR)

This pocket book contains everything you need to know, from theory to practice, about the use of ethics in business. Very useful and easy to consult, I recommend reading it as well as re-reading it so as to avoid forgetting the rules that should guide our daily work as well as that of our company.

128 pages – Reading time: 3h10min

Implicative marketing (EN)

Florence TOUZE-RIEU, lecturer at Audencia and head of the Positive Impact Chair, is specialized in responsible marketing and communication.

In this book published in English, the author denounces the excesses of marketing practices developed over the last 50 years, questions the branding techniques that have led us to overconsumption and proposes a new model of sustainable consumption.

A thought-provoking tool for all entrepreneurs and their teams.

122 pages – Reading time: 2h

Accompagner le vivant (FR)

It is one of the books that inspired me in the writing of my dissertation in Marketing and Management.

Louise BROWAEYS succeeds in her mission to convey complex and debated topics through an accessible and fluent text, aimed at all audiences, and touching on different areas of our lives: our relationship with nature, corporate life, education.

Available in French, it is an excellent read for oneself as well as a gift idea to inspire those around us.

218 pages – Reading time: 3h40min

Marketing et Développement durable (FR)

This book by Ganaël Bascoul and Jean-Michel Moutot proposes a new approach to marketing through the use of the concept of ‘extended value’, which helps to interpret the process of creating and marketing a product by taking into account the relationships and impacts on the social, natural and economic environment. A text that offers flexible tools for reflection and application, which can be adapted to different business contexts.

240 pages – Reading time: 4h

The end of procrastination (FR/EN)

Petr Ludwig’s bestseller, available in 21 different languages, is an extremely useful book on how people can change their habits (or not). 278 pages that help us understand how our brain works when it comes to taking action. It proved to be extremely helpful in supporting people’s and company’s transition towards sustainability and ethics.

Pages: 278 – Estimated reading time: 5 hours and 30 minutes

The Triple Bottom Line (EN)

I really enjoyed this book by Andrew W. Savitz, which helped me understand how to put into practice the principles of the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, Profit. It is a text full of stories of successes and failures concerning the relationship between companies and their economic, social and environmental performance. An enjoyable reading that provides many insights and ideas to put into practice.

Pages: 569 – Estimated reading time: 11 hours e 25 minutes

Invisible women (EN, FR, IT, ES, DE)

In her international bestseller, Caroline Criado Perez tells the history of the role of women starting with the lack of data (and actions) that take into account the female population worldwide. A mind-blowing book about the power of data and information management both in the ancient and modern world. Available in several languages and countries.

Pages: 5769 – Estimated reading time: 11 hours 35min