What happens when we choose to engage in a Transformation process: all steps from Awareness to Decision.

Did you ever ask yourself what’s pushing us toward transformation? It’s a question I have been asking myself several times as it is part of my job to listen to entrepreneurs in transition and to help them in their process of change.

As a result of the exchanges with my employers and clients during the years I have come to elaborating a model that explains how we get to take the decision to face the unknown and change our life or professional life or business activity, and to give them a new shape.

The necessity to move toward a sustainable life is also pushing us to apply many transformations in our habits and methods, and the same unconscious process is applicable for many different contexts.

The first step toward change is Awareness.

We have given lots of thought on a series of subjects and we have realised that something is not working as it is or that we could do it better. It’s not yet the phase of choice, but the one in which we realise about weaknesses, mistakes, wastefulness, lack of efficiency, dissatisfaction from our side or our clients or partners or employees.

Realising that something is not as we wished it would be does not necessarily means that we will get engaged in a transformation process. What is usually pushing us toward change is the Motivation.

Are we obliged to change buy the ongoing circumstances?

Maybe a legislation is compelling us to change or maybe for some other reason there is no way we can continue acting as we did until now.

Differently, we may have no obligation to follow but simply a desire to change or improve what we are doing.

In our way along the path that takes us to Transformation, we will cross, therefore, the phase of Goal, which implies establishing what is that we want to reach, but also why and how we are willing to change. In this phase our feasibility plan start to get shaped.

And it’s after this final act we may come to the phase where we tell ourselves: “Let’s get into the Transformation”. It’s the phase of the Decision, which implies the understanding that we are making a commitment with ourselves and the stakeholders involved that we will engage in a process of change, which one is our target and how are we intentioned to achieve it.

My suggestion is always to walk step by step through this process.

Skipping one of its phases, may mean in fact not having a clear mind in the Decision phase and risking to embark on a Transformation process that is not corresponding to your real will or to your identity, as person, an entrepreneur or a brand.

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